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If you're in need of some home improvement projects for your home or commercial space, consider working with JJ Home Design / Project Management. For each of our services we have experienced professionals that will handle your project with detail and care. Let us know what you want, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

From a single room improvements/renovations to kitchens and baths, condos, whole house renovations, and even custom homes, our diverse in-house group of professionals allows us to put together the right team -  specific to your project.


John Jahanshahi


All my life I've been involved in renovations, design, remodelling, and construction.

All my education has been involved with home design/home improvement. 

Services Provided

What We Can Do For You

Interior design

We understand the importance of picking the right company that’s experienced, dependable and affordable. With this service and our many others, we have the tools and experience to get the job done with the highest standards and at the best price. Let us know how we can help with your needs.


Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most enjoyed spaces in a home. Kitchen & bathroom renovations can add a new modern flair to your lifestyle and value to your home. Yet, with so many options available, it's good to have a dedicated team on your side. 

Our experienced designers will listen to your ideas, craft a plan and provide you a proposal with a fixed price guarantee. Once the schedule is established, work can quickly begin. 


No project is too big for JJ Home Design / Project Management. Get in touch today to request a consultation.


Contact Us

3606 Edgemont Blv.,North Vancouver,BC,

1 604 644 3852

1 604 770 1481


At JJ Home Design / Project Management, all of our products meet the strictest standards of safety and quality. We refuse to sell low quality materials to any of our clients. Years of working at JJ Home Design / Project Management have taught us that a big part of building a strong foundation is choosing adequate products to work with. More importantly, we’re invested in keeping our clients safe through sturdy constructions that will last a lifetime.


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1 604 644 3852

1 604 770 1481

3606 Edgemont Blv.,North Vancouver,BC,

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